Big Boi has always been adventurous with his music -- as proven by his long track record of massive success with OutKast and as a solo artist -- but PopEater really wanted to know just how adventurous he is when it comes to cleaning his kids' dirty diapers. He was kind enough to invite us into his house to talk, and as it turns out, he's very hands-on (aside from the disastrous ones), and despite his rap and crossover superstardom, deep down he's just a super nice guy and a dedicated father looking to do the best he can for his kids. So, as Father's Day approaches, along with the July 6 release of his solo album 'Sir Lucious Leftfoot ... The Sun of Chico Dusty' and his tremendous new single 'Shutterbugg' check out our interview with Big Boi and learn how his son automatically knew that 'Bombs Over Baghdad' was pretty much the greatest song ever written (seriously) right off the bat.

Video production by Micah Stansell