Perez Hilton and Miley CyrusExclusive: While larger advertisers like ABC have been able to pull their sponsorship off of Perez Hilton's blog following Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo-Gate, smaller companies advertising on the site have a more complicated decision to make and are under fire from consumers who are threatening to boycott their companies.

Beauty product retailer Lock & Mane first began advertising on Perez's site just a few days before the blogger posted the picture, which may or may not have shown Miley Cyrus' personal parts. But consumers have been vicious in their attacks on Perez's advertisers in the past week, many threatening to organize boycotts of any company that associates itself with the controversial gossip blogger. Lock & Mane shared some of the e-mails they have received from angry consumers with PopEater ... read them after the jump.