Elisabetta Canalis

When she isn't referred to as George Clooney's beautiful Italian girlfriend, (and she usually is,) Elisabetta Canalis goes by the ever-popular label of "model/actress." Though famous for her acting roles in her native Italy, where she's affectionately called "Eli," Canalis' American credits have mostly fallen into the "model" category, i.e. Maxim model, GQ model and Roberto Cavalli lingerie model.

While she's wow-ed in those scantily-clad photo shoots, Canalis, 31, is preparing to show off her acting chops with a five-episode guest starring role on the third season of the TNT drama, "Leverage," premiering June 20. She'll play a femme fatale known simply as "The Italian," a tough chick who hassles Timothy Hutton's main character, Nathan Ford, a former insurance investor-turned-present-day Robin Hood on a mission to bring down the powerful and corrupt. So what do we know about the gorgeous brunette aside from her ties to Clooney? After the jump, meet Miss Canalis.