Was it a deliberate set-up? Reality-TV stars of the moment Pauly D ('Jersey Shore') and Whitney Port's ('The City') appearance on the MuchMusic Video Awards Sunday night was sandwiched between Marianas Trench's performance of their satirical 'Celebrity Status' -- whose video makes good fun of instant celebrity -- and Hedley's acceptance of an award for 'Cha-Ching,' whose video and lyrics out-and-out blast celebrity culture and the people who chase it. We're not sure whether either was aware of the irony of the situation, but it didn't matter, 'cause Pauly D made the most of the "situation."

After Port offered some commentary on the night's fashions, giving props to Miley's "nude" dress, Pauly D took nude to the next level by stripping to his bare chest while he shamelessly plugged Pauly D, season two of 'Jersey Shore' and more Pauly D. So what can fans expect next season from everyone's favorite guidos (especially Pauly D)?