Padma Lakshmi Talks Baby Krishna: 'Everything Is Better With Her Around'Padma Lakshmi has a lot on her plate, caring for her four-month-old daughter and starring on Bravo's new season of 'Top Chef.' Luckily, the beautiful host, 39, found a moment to speak with PopEater about mothering baby Krishna, spicing things up and the possibility of presidential guest judges on the Washington, D.C. season of the cook-off reality show.

Padma answers the phone: "Sorry to be doing the interview with my mouth full, but I'm starving ... I have to eat!"

What are you eating?
A sandwich. Very uninteresting, with peppers and spinach.

Well then. How about the new season of 'Top Chef'?
It's great. What's great about it is that everyone in D.C. was so welcoming. We always have a lot of food luminaries, but this season we also have all the local Washington VIPs -- like Nancy Pelosi and Leon Panetta.

Will Michelle Obama be a guest judge?
Um ... I can't say.