How awesome is Alison Brie? The 26-year-old actress is not only gorgeous (in that drop-dead kind of way), but she's got meaty roles in two of television's most critically acclaimed shows: 'Mad Men' and 'Community.' The former begins its fourth season on July 25 and, true to history, its stars aren't obliged to talk much about the AMC drama. But NBC's 'Community' is a different ball of fun, having just wrapped its inaugural season with Brie's character, Annie, getting the last laugh -- well, kiss -- in the junior college comedy.

In a chat with PopEater, Brie talks about that kiss (with Joel McHale) and the age-old controversy that arose from it, plus she enlightens us on the allure of Star-Burns, Ken Jeong's niceness and her first TV role on, wait for it, 'Hannah Montana.'