Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers Videographer Says They're Just 'Normal Families' For the past two years, Elise Abdalla has been living a rock 'n' roll fantasy. As a videographer, Elise has traveled the world with musicians like Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, Honor Society and Wonder Girls, capturing every aspect of their lives on tour.

"Despite all the craziness of touring and constantly being surrounded by press and fans, they were all extremely humble and treated everyone in the crew as if we were all one big family," Elise says of her relationship with the young stars.

With the recent launch of, a site dedicated to giving teens and young adults an all-access pass to stars like Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, Elise sat down with PopEater to share what it's like to experience life on tour alongside some of today's biggest names.