Gary Coleman's Will Was Pushed on Him, Lawyer SaysIn an exclusive interview with, Gary Coleman's lawyer Randy Kester has cast doubts on amendments Coleman made to his will in 2007 to benefit then-wife Shannon Price.

"It was clearly dictated to him," Kester says of the handwritten amended will. "Someone's telling him what to write. My guess is it was probably Shannon." Kester says the amendment -- termed a "codicil" -- is ridden with legal jargon. "Those are not Gary's words. Gary wouldn't even know how to pronounce some of those words."

Price is relying on the validation of the 2007 will to secure the rights to Coleman's estate, which may not be worth much now, but could become very valuable in coming years. "Everyone's fighting over what might happen in the future," Kester previously said, adding that if a book or movie deal arises, "you're really fighting over millions."