Lady GagaWhen Lady Gaga showed up at the New York Mets game on June 10 wearing just a leather jacket over a bikini, it was obvious she was looking for attention. But when fans and photographers spotted her, she threw a fit, making ballpark officials escort her into Jerry Seinfeld's luxury box, where the 'Bad Romance' diva gave booing fans the bird. Oddly enough, she told Mets officials she "wanted to go incognito" (via NY Daily news).

There seems to be a valuable link missing between Gaga's art and her actual self. Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, grew up in Manhattan, but every part of her former self seems to be gone. She has transformed into the character she's been playing. Has she finally hit a breaking point? Her sauced-up attitude has people wondering if she's on the brink of losing it all.