Megan FoxPop-Ed: Conventional wisdom has it that Megan Fox's career is toast.

Her latest movie, the comic-book western 'Jonah Hex' (in which she co-stars with Josh Brolin), opened last week and underperformed even the already-low expectations placed on it (since its competition was the unstoppable 'Toy Story 3'), roping in just $5.4 million. That failure follows last fall's weak showing for horror tale 'Jennifer's Body,' the only movie Fox has headlined to date, which scared up just $16.2 million at the domestic box office.

The conclusion industry observers have drawn: No one wants to see Fox in a movie unless she's wearing short shorts and being chased by giant robots. And now, she doesn't even get to do that anymore, since she's been dropped from the 'Transformers' franchise in favor of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, a Victoria's Secret model with no acting experience.

If Megan Fox was determined to be a huge movie star or a top box-office draw, her career would be in big trouble. But movie acting is just her day job. Her full-time career is being Megan Fox.