Boyce Avenye

Who: Boyce Avenue
Album: 'All We Have Left'
Single: 'Every Breath'
Hails From: Florida
For Fans Of: The Fray, Augustana, The Script

Why They're About to Pop:
For brothers Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel Manzano, starting a band seemed like the natural thing to do. The trio, inspired by '90s pop-rock bands like the Goo Goo Dolls and Dave Matthews, began playing music together in their teens and decided to get serious about it after college.

"When we were tossing around possible band names, we knew that we wanted it to have significant meaning and for it to be a part of all three of us, so we agreed to combine the names of the two streets we grew up on as kids," Alejandro tells PopEater. "Almost all of our memories and even some of our very first compositions came from those two streets."

The group began posting videos on YouTube of both covers and their own melodic rock tunes, playing local concerts and building their fan base. Soon, they were booking (and selling out) shows worldwide. Now, Boyce Avenue have just released their debut album, 'All We Have Left,' and are again on the road. Check out their 'Every Breath' video and an exclusive interview with them below.