Clay Aiken

It's the morning after Clay Aiken released his new album, 'Tried and True.' Backstage at 'The View,' the singer sits on a plush green sofa in his dressing room, surrounded by others but in his own world, eyes glued to his iPad as he waits for his call to set. Aiken starts his day out in a solitary mode, but perks up when he and his crew mull over which cover he should choose for an upcoming DVD release. Across the hall are the dressing rooms of Belinda Carlisle, who is also appearing on today's show, and guest host and 'Sex and the City' actor Mario Cantone, both of whom Aiken chats with before going on camera.

"I did not celebrate for the album at all," Aiken admits to PopEater, stifling a yawn. "I've been working pretty hard. Typically, when an album comes out, you spend most of your day doing press and interviews and whatnot."