Helen Mirren's Husband Directed Her 'Love Ranch' Sex ScenesBy now, most of us know that 'Love Ranch' stars Helen Mirren in a racy role as the madam of a Nevada brothel. What we haven't realized is that her husband, Taylor Hackford, directed the film -- including a saucy sex scene between Mirren and newcomer Sergio Peris-Mencheta in his first English-language role

"When you come to a moment where you have to see her and Sergio get it on, it's really important that it works. They understand as actors," Hackford tells Movieline. "To me, it wasn't my wife I had to worry about; Helen will go for whatever. It was Sergio. Think about that: He's acting with an actress who's married to the guy behind the camera. He's got to put his hands on her breasts. He's got to [do] the things that make it real."

American director Hackford, 65, and the Oscar-winning British Dame Mirren, 64, have been together since 1986. They married in 1997.