blankWhen Farrah Fawcett passed away one year ago after an arduous public battle with cancer, no one would have ever expected another high-profile celebrity death -- much less the King of Pop's -- to occur on the same day. Sure, there's the ongoing myth that deaths come in threes, but you never really anticipate it or expect who's next to go. To say media coverage of Fawcett's death on Thursday, June 25, 2009, was eclipsed by news of Michael Jackson's sudden cardiac arrest is most certainly an understatement, but it's only natural considering Fawcett's worsening condition had been making headlines for weeks. (NBC even aired a two-hour documentary special, titled 'Farrah's Story,' that was watched by nearly 9 million people.)

On the other hand, Jackson's death came as a total shock. Sure, he had plenty of financial and legal issues, but to our knowledge, he was probably in decent shape. One could argue forever (or at least until June 25, 2011) over who had a more significant cultural impact, but ultimately this shouldn't be a morbid contest to see who can garner more post-death remembrances. Are we really taking sides? On whose passing was the most tragic? C'mon folks! We rounded up some of the comments we've received on Facebook and Twitter that beg the question -- Can't we all just get along?