For five seasons, Denis Leary has shocked, stunned, amazed and flat-out cracked up anyone who watches 'Rescue Me,' his hit firefighter show that's returning to FX June 29 for its sixth season. The show's balance of hysterically funny and tear-inducing sad -- coupled with lots and lots of psychotic and socially terrible behavior -- is what makes it so appealing to its fans. PopEater got the chance to catch up with Mr. Leary as he approaches the show's final two seasons, and for anyone thinking the show is going to go out in wimpy style (looking at you, 'Lost'), think otherwise. "A second before the credits roll on the final episode, there's a sudden dark and funny twist which is the end of the whole series," Leary tells PopEater. More of our chat, including his favorite scene and his dreams to create the Comedy Oscars, after the jump!