Stephanie Seymour Divorce: 'All the Kids Had Memories of Her Drunk' Former Victoria's Secret model Stephanie Seymour is going through a messy divorce involving drugs, alcohol and missed court dates.

The New York Post reports Seymour, 40, was "recently hauled into a Connecticut courtroom after she missed court-ordered [drug] testing while vacationing in St. Barts with two of her kids in March."

While Seymour's marriage to entrepreneur Peter Brant may have seemed idyllic, dark claims about her indulgences are surfacing. Lawyer Lacey Bernier, who represents the interests of Stephanie and Peter's three children together, "became worried about Seymour's mixing prescription drugs with alcohol after speaking with Seymour's nanny, Cora Driv," the Post reports.

"All of the kids that I interviewed, they all had memories of her drunk," Bernier says.