Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Family MurdersAfter Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and young nephew were murdered in Chicago in October 2008, the singer-actress kept quiet. Now, with VH1's 'Behind the Music: Jennifer Hudson' last night, the Oscar-winning 'Dreamgirls' star and former 'American Idol' contestant is finally speaking out about the tragedy.

"For almost two weeks straight ... [I was] inside one room with just family and friends coming in and out," she says in the episode. "I prayed when I'd get up in the morning and prayed before I laid down at night."

Hudson's mother, Darnell, 57, and her brother, Jason, 29, were discovered inside Hudson's childhood home in Chicago. Her 7-year-old nephew, Julian, was found later in an SUV. All were the victims of multiple gunshot wounds. In the special, she speaks about them and her loving upbringing.

"It's all a blur, it was surreal. It was like I was outside of myself. I feel like I've lived about three or four different lives."