Interview with a Twi-Hard: A Writer Struggles to Understand His Sister's ObsessionTwi-hards. We run into 'em in the streets. On the Internets. But what about in our families?

Yup. I've got a situation: My younger sister Jaclyn is a devout 'Twilight' fanatic. She saw 'New Moon' in theaters every day for a week. She had 'Twilight'-related relationship troubles. She has a friend (pictured, left, with Jaclyn) who she likes to dress up as Edward Cullen.

And the thing is, she's not insane! She's intelligent (better grades than I ever got), reasonable (a psych student at a college in Maine) and shares my proclivity for (ahem) finer horror like that of Sir Stephen King.

So how did Jaclyn get this way, embedded so deeply in the phenomenon of a vampire series she's never been able to convince her big bro to watch, read or understand? Hours away from the nationwide midnight premiere of 'Eclipse,' we talked it out and tried to get to the root of being a Twi-hard.