Justin BieberGot any plans for March 1, 2012? Have to check your datebook first? Well, if you're not too busy prepping your doomsday party for when the Earth runs off course in some awesome Mayan-prophesied explosion, you should probably pencil in an equally momentous occasion: Justin Bieber's 18th birthday. Listen, we know it's creepy, but there genuinely are folks interested in knowing when their favorite underage stars crossover into adulthood. Britney, Taylor Lautner, the Olsen twins -- it seems the countdown to 18 is a regular right of passage that comes with teen fame. Now, Bieber is the latest to get the old perv-watch treatment with the new website Countdown Til Justin Bieber Turns 18 (just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?). We caught up with creator Chris Gayomali and asked him a few questions as investigative blog journalists (and concerned citizens).