Pee-Wee Herman will be hitting the big screen again -- and Hollywood's comedy mastermind-of-the-moment, Judd Apatow, is helping bring the gray suited, red bow-tie clad character back to life, the Associated Press reports.

While rumors have been brewing for months about a possible movie for the infamous children's character, it was finally confirmed that it's really going to happen. Apatow's publicist verified the news, saying the director/producer/writer is developing a movie with Herman's creator, Paul Reubens.

Reubens is co-writing the flick, which has been described as "an on-the-road movie built around a big adventure." Remind anyone of another Pee-Wee Herman movie? In fact, in an interview with the The New York Times, Reubens revealed Apatow was "interested in something closer, in the same vein and the same genre, as 'Big Adventure.'"

Apatow has enjoyed a string of successful films over the past several years, including 'Superbad,' 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' and 'Knocked Up.' And the pairing of Apatow with the legendary children's personality has many in Hollywood wondering if it's a recipe for huge box office success.