Reality TV star Dean McDermott was released from the ICU earlier today after being treated for a punctured and collapsed lung following a motorcycle accident, PEOPLE reports.

McDermott's wife, actress Tori Spelling, Tweeted earlier today that her husband was moved to a regular room. She also said she was bringing their kids, Stella, 2, and Liam, 3, to the Los Angeles hospital to visit their dad.

Spelling added that McDermott was feeling better: "I said to [Dean], 'Babe do u want anything?' He said 'Oreo McFlurry!' So his spirits are up despite all the pain."

McDermott ended up in intensive care on Tuesday after crashing his motorcycle while riding with two friends. Spelling was called immediately. "His friend called me and said he was in the ER," she said. "He didn't want to scare me, so he just said he had a crash and that they were X-raying him."