Peter FacinelliPeter Facinelli stars in one of the biggest film franchises, but he's taking his time to fight pediatric cancer.

The actor, who plays vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen in the 'Twilight' films, is raising awareness with Cookies for Cancer to fund research for the disease. As part of the effort, Glad products has teamed up with Cookies and the actor.

Facinelli talks to PopEater about his role in the initiative, and how he wants fans to help.

"When you put all these ['Twilight'] fans together [for the films], it's a very powerful thing. I think if we can spin that towards other areas like pediatric cancer and bring that kind of camaraderie toward a specific event or group or cause, I think we can help change the world."

The 'Nurse Jackie' star also tells us about the bake sale competition he will compete in for the cause, and what his plans for the Fourth of July are.