Fan Vote Aims to Send Justin Bieber to North KoreaThe Internet really, really wants Justin Bieber to perform in North Korea. Despite the unlikelihood of the Biebs swaggerin' his way into the airtight communist nation, votes are pouring in for a fan-decided location on the 16-year-old's first major tour.

The official 'My World Tour' vote, which is completely open to the public, reads, "Who wants Justin the most? Decide now." It concludes July 7 at 1AM.

When our pals at Urlesque highlighted the "poll bombing" last week, N. Korea had notched less than 100,000 votes and rode in third place. On Tuesday morning, with 15 hours left in the poll, Kim Jong-il's fair country had seized first place with more than half a million nods.

JULY 7 UPDATE: North Korea did indeed win the poll with 659141 votes, edging out Israel by more than 30,000 votes.