'Too Fat to Fly' Kevin Smith Filmed Segments Mocking Southwest AirlinesIn February, headlines around the world deemed director Kevin Smith "too fat to fly" after he was ordered to leave a Southwest Airlines flight on which he had already been seated.

After an angry explosion on his Twitter made national news, Smith did his best to let the controversy slip away -- until he was called upon to shoot scenes for the 'Cop Out' DVD release.

Smith moved in front of the camera to film hilarious DVD extras, continually making light of his now-famous girth. Without naming the airline, Smith referenced the situation that spun so crazily out of control.

"It was cathartic for me," Smith tells PopEater of the 'Cop Out' video shoot. "Just because an airline tells you you're fat doesn't mean it's true. I mean, yes I'm fat, but not like that. So it was kinda cool, and I can say the extras are full of my fat jokes."