OneRepublicThe US may have been knocked out of the World Cup a couple of weeks ago but that didn't mean the game was over for OneRepublic. The Colorado pop-rockers, whose song 'Marching On' is the German national soccer team's 2010 World Cup anthem, shared their soccer fever at their show in New York City's Terminal 5 on Wednesday night.

"We were watching the game today," frontman Ryan Tedder told the crowd, "and this song was the last song that we wrote for ['Waking Up,' their second album], and this was the official song for the German team until they got their asses handed to them by Spain. So, this is really a celebration for the World Cup."

But soccer wasn't the only thing on Tedder's mind as the band performed hits from their first record 'Dreaming Out Loud' and the band's latest album. Catching his breath after singing 'Secrets,' Tedder brought up the biggest current American sports story. "All right New York City, I know we're all thinking the same thing: Where the hell is Lebron James gonna go?" he said. "My feeling is not Denver."