Gina TorresGina Torres has been in everything from 'Gossip Girl' to the last two 'Matrix' films, and can currently be seen as stern camp counselor Dr. Dorothy Rand on ABC Family's new show 'Huge.' With its sensitive subject matter (young women + body issues), the hour-long drama about a "fat camp" has created considerable buzz, but Torres tells PopEater the show is less about losing weight than finding your "best self" and making good choices.

"Often times, obesity doesn't just come from bad habits, it's about self-image and self-esteem," she tells us. "It's about a piece of you that's missing and you're trying to fill it."

Did you research your role?
No, I did not. What's wonderful about [creators] Winnie Holzman and her daughter Savannah and what they've been able to create are these really beautifully-written characters that are fully-realized. There are certainly a few more layers to Rand that we're going to peel back and get to know.