Melissa and Tammy EtheridgeWhat was originally described by Melissa Etheridge as a mutual breakup is turning into an acrimonious battle between the singer and her former partner, Tammy. In April 2010, Melissa's rep announced that the couple had separated after almost nine years together, with the singer confirming the news to Oprah, calling the end of their union "sad."

Tammy, known prior to her relationship with Etheridge as Tammy Lynn Michaels, has subsequently claimed that the singer has left her and her children broke. Tammy Etheridge's attorney, Steven Knowles, called his client "destitute," stating that her credit card was declined when attempting to purchase food and clothing for her children, admitting only that the singer paid for "various sundry expenses."

These claims have since been refuted by Etheridge's lawyer, Neal Hersch, who told PEOPLE, "[Tammy] is being completely supported by Melissa and has been since they separated," calling the actress and her children, "well-provided for and then some." Hersch stated that on top of a $2,000 a month allowance for her former partner, Etheridge continued to pay Tammy's household expenses, utilities and the lease on her car.