Adrianne PalickiYou can take Adrianne Palicki out of 'Friday Night Lights' -- but you can't take the girl out of Texas. Fans of the Amazonian actress know she spent three seasons filming 'FNL' in Austin before her much-loved girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Tyra, headed to college.

Now Palicki finds herself back in the Lone Star state -- in Dallas, to be exact -- shooting episodes of her hotly-anticipated new Fox drama, 'Lone Star,' premiering September 20. Over champagne and fancy appetizers, Palicki chatted with PopEater in New York last night about her new role, her new hair color and her emotional return to 'Friday Night Lights' for the series finale.

We didn't recognize you in the 'Lone Star' preview clips – you're a brunette now!
Well it's kind of awesome because it's such a different character. There are so many "Friday Night Lights" fans that I think maybe the hair will take them out of it a little bit. They won't be like – 'That's Tyra!'