Kelsey Grammer & Camille Donatacci GrammerThe divorce rages on for Kelsey Grammer and his third wife, Camille Donatacci Grammer, who pulled the plug on their 13-year marriage on July 1. The only snag in finalizing the separation: the couple never signed a prenup when they married, TMZ reports. Grammer was reportedly earning $1.6 million per episode by the end of 'Frasier''s 11-year run, and is thought to have a considerable fortune.

Grammer has filed court documents asking the judge to grant him sole financial interest in his television series, 'Frasier.' TMZ points out that the couple married in 1997, four years after the series launched, so his monetary earnings for the remaining seven seasons as well as residuals from syndication are up for grabs and will be considered community property.