Pink was rushed to the hospital after falling from a harness into a barricade during a concert Thursday night at the Easy Credit Station in Nurnberg, Germany, reports. She was hanging from the harness when she fell onto a steel barricade. The show ended immediately.

Pink is doing well now and even Tweeted from the ambulance on the way to the hospital. "To all my nurnberg fans... I am embarassed and very sorry. I'm in ambulance now but I will b fine."

The singer also explained what happened, "didn't get clipped in2 harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade. Getting xrays.I hope it at least looked cool!!!"

After getting checked out, Pink let her fans know she was okay, Tweeting, "nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore. I made that barricade my b*tch!!!" Thanx nurnberg :( "