Mel Gibson and 'The Passion of the Christ'
The folks at Radar Online have been doing a fantastic job keeping this Mel Gibson story alive, haven't they? For more than a week now, they've been doling out one crazy, racist, profane, violent-sounding rant after another, all directed towards Gibson's ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. If that voice on the tape is truly his -- and the Gibson camp has yet to deny that it's Gibson's voice on the recording -- then it would seem like the career of the erstwhile Mad Max is toast.

Or is it?

In this particular story's news cycle, we're in the part of it where it seems the world is falling down around a celebrity and that there seems to be no way that he or she will ever recover from it. Indeed, speculation has abounded, with talking heads weighing in all over the news landscape.

But all of these folks are either forgetting or downplaying a big factor: Mel Gibson's got money. Lots of it. And he can use it to keep making the movies he wants to make.