Lindsay Lohan - GQ GermanyLindsay Lohan posed for a series of saucy photos for the August 2010 issue of German GQ, and she didn't leave much to the imagination. The photos were taken in June -- just shortly after she was sentence to wear a SCRAM bracelet. (The 'Mean Girls' actress must begin serving her 90-day jail sentence on July 20.)

In the GQ interview, Lohan complains that tabloids have ruined Hollywood.

"The media creates its images in just seconds, so they can interpret reality as they imagine it. If I sneeze, photos are published, in which I am said to be weeping bitterly. And if I keep my hand in front of my mouth and nose, it's the same, I was hungover and had a hard night of heavy partying behind me. You can't imagine to what extent this has been accepted," Lohan tells the magazine.