Bill Murray Dumpster Dives on 'Late Show'With New York City in the midst of a stubborn heat wave, Bill Murray showed David Letterman how to keep cool, with a new form of (literal) dumpster diving.

Outside the studio of Dave's 'Late Show
,' the funnyman hovered over a dumpster, saying, "You're the first guy in New York that [Mayor] Bloomberg gave it to, and you deserved it, baby. It should be here on your street!"

The camera panned down to what Murray was referring to: a makeshift swimming pool, with easy-access ladder and some trash and debris still floating in the water. "Yeah, that's a beauty, isn't it? It's our very own dumpster pool!" responded Letterman.

Murray plunged in and splashed water on the watching crowd. He then entered the studio soaking wet, and the host
pointed to his swim trunks and said, "Those are mine!" Watch the Clip From Our Pals at TV Squad After the Jump