Naked Cowboy's Manager: 'Naked Cowgirl Is Basically a Criminal'The Naked Cowboy of Times Square (alias Robert Burck) recently filed a lawsuit against lewd imitator Naked Cowgirl in Manhattan federal court. The Cowboy's case rests on the fact that Sandra Brodsky has infringed his copyright and damaged his brand since 2008, Burck's manager, Todd Rubenstein, tells PopEater.

Rubenstein says Brodsky, who also goes by the name Sandy Kane, assumes Naked Cowgirl doesn't fall under the registered trademark of the Naked Cowboy, and "she is sadly mistaken."

"It's infringement; she's basically stealing intellectual property. She's gonna lose," Rubenstein tells us of the lawsuit. "And then she'll probably continue doing what she's doing, she'll be found in contempt of federal court, and she'll be incarcerated. That's the sad part about it."