Ry Cuming

Who: Ry Cuming
Videos: 'Always Remember Me' and 'Some Kind of Love'
Album: 'Ry Cuming'
Hails From: Australia
For Fans Of: Jeff Buckley, Coldplay

Why He's About to Pop:
Ry Cuming has two loves: the ocean and music. Growing up on a beach in Australia, he spent his days in the water and listened to his father's vinyl collection. When he discovered more music in his teens -- especially Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley -- Cuming was inspired to start writing songs of his own. The surfer and budding musician was discovered while staying in Costa Rica for a period of time, then headed to Los Angeles to sign a recording contract with Jive Records and soon got to work on his debut self-titled album.

"This album is a culmination of my life in a lot of ways: love lost, love found, travel, experiences, lust, longing," Cuming tells PopEater. "I love that I was able to bring this album together in a way that had half very intimate songs and half rock 'n' rollas."

Get a preview of his songs below, and read PopEater's exclusive interview with the singer-songwriter to find out more about his musical beginnings, what it's like to work with Sara Bareilles and tour with Maroon 5, and whether surfing or performing is a bigger rush.