Jon Hamm Isn't As Stylish as His 'Mad Men' CharacterTIME's 10 Questions series took on Jon Hamm, in the lead-up to the fourth season premiere of the star's AMC series 'Mad Men' this Sunday night.

Asked about his style versus that of iconic '60s ad-man doppelganger Don Draper, Hamm said, "My personal style is not quite up to snuff with 'Mad Men.'" Although he did admit he puts more thought into dressing up. "The difference between a nice suit and a suit that isn't tailored to fit you is significant. It's very much a statement about a person who's ready to look like he's in control of a situation."

And what about those cigarettes Draper and the others at Sterling Cooper are constantly puffing away on? "They are a blend of some kind of herbs and spices that burn and look like real cigarettes," Hamm clarified. "But there's no nicotine or tar."