Michael Lohan has been trying to sell a set of nude photos of ex-fiancée and former Star Magazine reporter Kate Major, a source tells Gawker. And Major is angry.

The former celebrity reporter tells PopEater exclusively, "Michael Lohan is a disgusting human being and father. He took these pictures of me when I was asleep and without my knowledge. At the time he was my fiancé. I have just found out about these images today and moving forward my lawyer, William O'Conner, will be handing the legalities of anyone that reproduces them."

Lohan released his own statement to PopEater: "She has no money, no job and she's been living off of me for the last 8 months... and her dad just cut her off. If she doesn't stop the nonsense, more and more will come out. I am tired of being used and people who need to make up stories to make money off others." Lohan said. "I have more important issues to deal with than Kate Major."