Steve Carell on The Office DepartureWhen Craig Ferguson asked Steve Carell why he would leave 'The Office' job he loves so much, Carell joked that he really didn't know the answer. But when pressed, he said his decision to exit the NBC comedy after this upcoming season was that he wanted to spend more time at home.

"Honestly, to spend more time with my family," said the actor. Ferguson replied, "That's usually what politicians say when they're caught doing something with their pee-pees ... He says, 'Well, I'm retiring, but not because of what you think -- just to spend a little more time with my family.'"

As for how the show would fare after the star's departure, Carell was confident it was "going to be fine."

At first Ferguson agreed. Then he said, "You put me in a very bad Hollywood position, saying, 'Oh, you're great on the show -- but they'll be fine,' means, well, pick a side, Craig."