George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis has been implicated in a cocaine scandal surrounding two nightclubs in Milan, Italy, reports. It's been alleged that Canalis was doing cocaine in one of the nightclubs in 2007.

"I remember taking cocaine with Elisabetta Canalis and two others," Karima Menad, a model-turned-prostitute, told prosecutors in documents obtained by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, according to

"We were in The Club and it was December 2007," Menad continued. "We had been at a party of some famous, rich celebrity whose name I cannot remember. I don't remember who brought the drugs but we all took it."

The two Milan nightclubs, The Club and Hollywood, are under investigation for running escort and prostitution rings and drug use. Using Menad's testimony, prosecutors were able to shut down the two clubs on Monday and put five of the accused offenders under house arrest.