New Jerseyans: Quit Asking Us About 'Jersey Shore''Jersey Shore.' You know it. You love it or hate it. You follow Snooki's Twitter or you loathe her, The Situation, JWoww and the whole bunch. Season two premiered last night, and you either watched or you groaned. Maybe both.

But there's a small batch of Americans who experience the show like no others. These are the people of New Jersey. Some of their dignitaries and organizations have weighed in on 'Jersey Shore,' often unkindly. But the daily effect the show has on the state is this: No one can stop asking residents if they've seen the friggin' show and asking them to weigh in as de facto experts.

Here, three PopEater readers chime in on the irksome phenomenon -- one gal even goes so far as to offer a list of the seven questions a regular New Jerseyan faces on a daily basis in these 'Jersey Shore'-dominated days.