Jason Baalman Cheetos, Rachael Ray

The next time your mom nags you to "stop playing with your food," tell her about Jason Baalman. The Colorado-based artist has found a delicious way to create celebrity portraits -- by using food. Most recently, he used about 50 bags of four different flavors of Cheetos to create a portrait of Rachael Ray. (He did a similar creation with Conan O'Brien in January.) He has experimented with other edible goods, like spare ribs mixed with BBQ sauce, as well as chocolate syrup! And he's not just focused on Hollywood stars. Baalman has also recreated the Mona Lisa using Heinz ketchup and the 'Creation of Adam' from the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo using only sidewalk chalk! So what makes this guy tick? PopEater chatted with the mastermind behind these yummy creations to find out how the whole concept started.