With each new day, comes new 'American Idol' casting rumors. Ellen DeGeneres quits. Is Jennifer Lopez onboard? Is Steven Tyler? Did Kara DioGuardi really get fired? What is going on with Randy Jackson?

One of the main players involved -- Mr. Randy Jackson – has finally spoken up. E!Online spoke to the big "dawg" earlier today and he confirmed one thing. The host isn't going anywhere.

"The only thing that's for sure is Ryan [Seacrest]," Jackson told E!Online at the 2010 Farmers Classic tennis tournament. "Nothing has been decided," he added.

And while he wouldn't comment on rumors about whether or not he was fired along with DioGuardi, he did say he'd be pumped to welcome J.Lo to the judge's panel. "If Jennifer Lopez is a judge I would be very happy," says Jackson. "I love her."