We've all heard about Kim Kardashian being paid $10,000 to send out a tweet on some product or company's behalf and of Ashton Kutcher's successful campaigns for brands who want to raise their social media profiles. (Have you seen the mad love he is giving to PopChips lately?)

Those two are practically tweet royalty, and are also big enough celebrities that we aren't too surprised at their level of influence over the interwebs.

But there are some celeb tweeters out there who have a lot of clout that just might surprise you. Or rather, we should say Klout, to describe the score one San Francisco company has devised to measure the amount of influence a person has online. A Klout score, which is out of 100, not only measures how many followers you have, but how influential those followers are and how engaged they are.

In non-nerd terms, the Klout score doesn't just measure how many friends you have, but it also takes into account how cool those friends are ... and how loyal. A Klout score tells you how much people really, really like you and how often they're telling other people online that they think you're great.