It's been about a year since I saw Mike Fedotowsky in a bar in our hometown of Williamstown, MA, and he asked me, "Have you heard about this thing Ali is doing?"

Since then, Ali Fedotowsky has gone from being a Facebook employee to a 'Bachelor' fan favorite, and now she's one of the most popular 'Bachelorettes' in the show's history. On Monday, she ended her search for love by sending Chris Lambton home early and choosing Roberto Martinez.

I caught up with Ali's little brother Mike and talked about the finale.

First, the obvious question -- what do you think about Roberto?
Definitely, I'm very, very happy with Roberto. Both him and Chris were awesome guys, and it was awesome meeting them, but Roberto, for my sister, he seemed like a way better guy and a way better fit. As a brother, it's still pretty cool -- he's big into sports, big into baseball, and he seems like a good guy overall.