Julia Roberts on David LettermanAnyone watching the trailers to 'Eat Pray Love' can see how fantastic Julia Roberts looks. How does she do it? She told David Letterman that it's simple: what keeps her looking amazingly young and beautiful are her three kids and "the love of a good man."

So why is Alan Kalter, the announcer on 'Late Show,' making it sound like the actress suffers from varicose veins?

"Can I just log a tiny complaint?" asked Robert. "I'm in the dressing room watching, and in the intro [Kalter says], 'And Tonight -- Julia Roberts!' ... and then they say, 'A problem with varicose veins?'"

Kalter had followed up the question with a punchline, but Roberts wasn't ecstatic over the awkward introduction. Letterman shifted the blame and had a theory on why the producers did that. Roberts took it in stride and had a quick-witted comeback.

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