It's official: Kanye West is back! After a long period of seclusion following the Incident-That-Must-Not-Be-Named last fall (resulting in a large-scale backlash against the rapper), Kanye has reemerged with a new single, 'Power,' a groundbreaking music video on the way and, most importantly, his newly-minted and endlessly enjoyable Twitter account.

Kanye, who's no stranger to grandiose, hyperbolic statements, has promised the music video for 'Power' is not actually a music video at all, but rather a "painting." The
Marco Brambilla-directed clip is described as an immersive video spectacle that is "highly constructed, highly mannered, slightly religious... that communicates the end of an era." In layman's terms? It's pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. Watch a NSFW sneak peek after the jump, and check out some of Kanye's favorite (and ridiculous) items, which we really hope make the final cut.