Lynda ErkiletianIf you've ever tuned in to one of the many 'Real Housewives' shows, you know they are all about drama. Lynda Erkiletian, owner and founder of T.H.E Artist Agency, one of the top modeling agencies in Washington, D.C., is fearless and not at all worried about how she'll be portrayed on Bravo's 'Real Housewives of D.C.' "What you see is what you get, but I'm not very good at editing my thoughts," she admits to PopEater.

Although all eyes are on Michaele "White House Party Crasher" Salahi, Lynda is bringing some heat of her own -- revealing she's got a "hot" younger boyfriend, Ebong Eka. "I have a very rich, fulfilling life, so if a man is going to be in my life, it's because he touches my heart," she gushes.

The couple have been dating for over a year, but Lynda, who has been married twice before, is in no rush to tie the knot. "Let's not get carried away. It's way too soon to talk about marriage. I'll get back to you in ten years," she jokes. "Ebong and I have a very balanced, loving relationship, and my kids adore him. I'm such a lucky woman."