Source: Web Magazine Faked Stephen Colbert InterviewEXCLUSIVE: Wag's Revue, an online literary magazine founded in early 2009, seemed to have hit the jackpot with a bookish interview with Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. Problem is, it may be a sham.

A source close to the magazine tells PopEater that after being dubious about the publication's chances of landing Colbert, he simply asked an editor. "I called up [essays editor] Sandra Allen and asked how they got that interview, and she basically said, 'Yeah, we made that up.' I guess they figured they were too small-time for Colbert to notice, or maybe that he just wouldn't care. But then it's like, didn't they know someone would notice?"

The source says Wag's Revue tends to get rejected for high-profile interviews. "Every time they try to get someone really famous, they always get turned down. One of the editors tried to sneak backstage one time to challenge the RZA to a game of chess, and almost got his a** kicked. So I was reading the Colbert interview was like, 'How the f**k did they pull this off? Something's fishy here.'"

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