These days, everyone is a fashion icon. All a starlet need do is wear a flashy pair of heels to a club or a fresh-from-the-runway dress to the right premiere, and suddenly she's a modern Audrey Hepburn, a trendsetter of the first order, as the divine Hepburn was when she made the little black cocktail dress a staple of every woman's closet.

Now, every Tom, Dick and JWoww has a fashion line, and mostly they aren't anything to write home about. But when a real fashion icon, a star who has influenced trends both sartorial and cultural for decades, steps forward to put her stamp of approval on a line of clothing, the fashion elite jump to attention. And that's exactly what happened when Madonna launched her co-venture with daughter Lourdes, Material Girl.

"Everyone is in love with the collection and it has been flying off shelves since the launch," Alison Kmiotek, media relations manager at Macy's, which is carrying the line exclusively, tells PopEater.