Justin Bieber
The big news out of Hollywood this past week is that Justin Bieber, he of the flash Bieber mobs, he of the delightfully tousled bangs, he who is constantly being searched on Google by legions of lovesick teenage girls is going to be coming soon to a movie theater near you....in 3-D.

The film will be a concert biopic with behind the scenes footage of Bieber's life. Millions upon millions of fans devour any Bieber footage that YouTube has to offer. The question is will those fans pay the nearly $20 admission for a 3-D movie?

A similar project, 'Jonas Bros: The 3D Concert Experience' was a bit of a letdown, bringing in only $19 million at the box office.

But the Jonas Brothers, though themselves a teen sensation, are not Bieber. Girls aren't being trampled in Jonas flash mobs, so make the comparisons all you like, the audience for Bieber is much more fiercely loyal. Come February 2011, I am willing to bet they will be lining up in droves to get some Bieber smack in their face.